Guero – 14 year

66% ALC. BY VOL / 132 PROOF

Age: 14 Years

Tasting Notes: Rich and dense with toasty oak, vanilla bean and baked apple. Velvety smooth texture, indulgent and packed with flavor on the long finish.

Proof: 128

Mash Bill: 99% corn, 1% malted barley

Production: Ultra-rare, mature Whiskey, only 300 cases produced

Name: The name Guero is very near and dear to Dave Phinney’s heart. It was the nickname given to him at his first harvest job where he was the only white guy on an all Mexican crew. It translates to “light-skinned”, and the days and nights of working in the winery as part of a temporary harvest team with this skilled crew remain some of Dave’s fondest memories.